LVO Architecture

Riverview Transit Community

Commissioned by our client’s to maximise the opportunities for this unique site at Riverview, our team’s expertise and knowledge at the forefront of high density residential and integrated community living allowed us to exceed our client’s needs and expectations.

The proposed integrated high density residential community on Moggill Ferry Road, is located on a unique undulating site overlooking the Brisbane River and the Moggill Ferry. When completed it will be home to over 800 residents having access to many facilities and services in this master planned residential community based on conserving and enhancing the location’s unique site features.

The transit community will have a contemporary architectural character with modern sophisticated individual dwellings, townhouses and apartments responding to a relaxed urban but integrated community lifestyle. The development includes 64 attached townhouses and 140 apartments in a number of 5 level low-rise residential blocks spread through-out the site along with a number of community and recreation buildings.

A landscaped central access and view core runs through the centre of the community and features a series of forecourt recreation areas, detention basins, water features, broad walks, andmeeting places.