LVO Architecture

Remote Area Accommodation Modules

Commissioned by our clients to maximise the opportunities for remote area accommodation units, our team’s expertise and knowledge at the forefront of residential and integrated community living, pre-fabricated and prefinished non- traditional industrial building forms has allowed LVO to exceed our client’s needs and expectations.

By the use of non-traditional industrial building forms and construction methods a unique and interesting development in the use of pre-fabricated and prefinished building elements provides the basis for the accommodation and motel units.

Two non-traditional industrial building forms are available that provide the basis for accommodation modules:

. Non-traditional ‘flat-pack prefabricated’ with prefinished elements; and
. Non-traditional ‘standard container’ modules, prefinished

The modules are laid on pre-installed concrete piers and fixed down within very specific dimensional requirements. They are then connected to services that are pre-installed on site prior to delivery of the modules. This process reduces construction time and on-site installation issues.

To complete the installation, a modern look skillion roof, feature external wall panelling and cladding, a carport roof and support structure will be installed on and around the blocks. Each of these items come flat-pack prefabricated’ from the factory.

These additions take what could be a ‘bland’ and industrial look to a new sophisticated commercial style with more traditional visual form.

It provides for favourable outcomes in both urban or remote areas whilst maintaining modern or traditional building forms.