LVO Architecture

Pitt Road

LVO was engaged to provide a design solution for a residential development on a difficult low lying site in Burpengary, Queensland. With the Client wanting to maximise building yield, it was the task of LVO to provide an aesthetically pleasing design solution that addresses the site’€™s overland flow issues, and adheres to all of the Moreton Regional Council’s planning requirements.

The design outcome which LVO provided was to divide the site into three sections. The western, highest section of the site would be developed to have eighteen modern two storey luxury duplex style units, each with their own landscaped courtyard. The adjacent section of the site would be green space, with a mixture of soft and hard landscaping for the use of the residents. Finally the lower eastern section of the site with overland flow issues was allocated as a sensitively designed swale for stormwater runoff.

The overall scheme provides an environmentally friendly outcome that addresses the client’s and Council’€™s design requirements. The development will provide a design solution that maximises the site’s residential potential whilst incorporating a significant amount of landscaped open space.