LVO Architecture

Gold Coast Cultural Precinct (competition)

Gold Coast City Council, with endorsement of the Australian Institute of Architects, sought submissions for an open Master plan Ideas Competition for a proposed Gold Coast Cultural and Civic Precinct.

Our approach was to create a city square for the Gold Coast that was: a Place for the People; a Uniquely Gold Coast Response; and an Eco Positive Response. This is achieved by: dematerialising the former commercial and cultural landscapes of the site; breaking up the site; and establishing a wetland network through the site – thereby returning the site towards its natural state and providing a place where ecosystems can re-establish.

The jury’s comment on LVO’s Scheme:

Unlike other proposals which arrange buildings around streets or important view corridors and axes this proposition is of a web of elevated paths and islands for buildings. A brightly coloured ribbon structure provides a way finding device towards important buildings, access points and destinations.

True to its title ‘rethreading people, place and ecosystem’€ this proposition is refreshing because it elevates the importance of natural systems and achieving a sustainable future. As the driver for the precinct ‘Nature’ would bring a unique and iconic status to the Gold Coast’s cultural heart.

The competition was entered by design companies across Australia, and we were delighted to be awarded third place.