LVO Architecture

Boggabri Masterplan

The opportunity to prepare a master plan for temporary construction and worker’s accommodation and support facilities for a mining project at Boggabri, a town with a population of approximately 950 people in northwest NSW, presented an interesting challenge.

The brief called for up to 450 accommodation rooms. These were to be of two types; the first being for 300 temporary construction workers and the second for 250 mining workers. The workers units were to be of a “motel style” including a sleeping and sitting area with an en-suite bathroom. Support facilities include an administration, dining and kitchen building, a training centre, a gymnasium and maintenance facilities.

Together with the client we shared the aim of creating a “resort like” environment as opposed to the “barracks” style of environment that can typify much temporary worker accommodation.

The site will be developed over four stages, commencing with the temporary construction accommodation located in the southwest corner at the site’s high point.