LVO Architecture

Baroona Road

Commercial Redevelopment

Redevelopment of an existing older style inner city retail site taking account of the tight site constraints, retention of existing tenants and uses and a staged re-construction made this a difficult planning and design arrangement. Through the use of structured building layout that could be easily staged, maintenance of open space and a simple driveway layout maximises the density and by the inclusion of a €˜’mix of uses’ -€“ commercial, retail and residential has increases the market options, presentation and vitality of the overall development.

By the inclusion of contemporary design details -€“ louvers, sun-shading elements, blinds, distinctive roof pitches, paving options, landscaping options, open space areas and by the inclusion of sleek natural stone, steel and timbers to the building faces reflect a casual, contemporary building and life style. Cool open courtyards, covered open malls and covered open verandah areas welcome patrons and residents through the development, or the malls and verandahs can be a refuse of peace and privacy within this integrated mix use redevelopment of an existing older style inner city retail site.